Swiss Happening - local beer, wine & food tasting with photo fun

Pregaming Swiss style with a photo fun time - perfect to start your night

Enjoy a savory & sweet tasting of local food and drinks. 

With each served board - of different breads, hard, soft, fresh aged cheese and meat to dried figs, nuts and chocolates and more  - you will be dressed up in Swiss traditional outfits.

Get ready to be photographed in front of our regional and stunning backdrops such as the Swiss Alps, chalets, lakes, cows and goats. 

Plenty of schnaps, wine and beer is served to cleanse your palette for a fresh taste of each course. For kids we will serve special Swiss soft drinks. 

Weitere Informationen


Heidi's Photo Chalet is centraly located in the heard of Interlaken. The Chalet will give you a cosey Swiss feeling. 


Enjoy local food, drinks (beer, wine & schnaps) and a photo fun time. Your belly will be more than full! 

All pictures taken will be sent to you immediately to your e-mail.

The entire happening takes approx. 90 minutes.